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Falooda is a sweet and appetizing dessert with yummy ingredients of fruits, noodles, basil seed, jelly pieces, almonds, raisins, shagu pearls along with milk and ice cream. radhuni falooda is a very popular dessert to all aged people and enjoyable in every occasion. radhuni falooda mix contains high level of energy, carbohydrate, protein, dietary fiber, fat & calcium to ensure healthy diet. inside the radhuni falooda mix pack we provide sugar, instant jelly mix, noodles, tapioca pearls, corn starch, basil seed, raisins. salt and vanilla/mango flavor to ensure the falooda taste exciting.

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Sugar, Tapioca Pearls, Noodles, Raisins, Corn Starch, Jelly powder, Basil Seeds, Citric Acid (E330), Sodium chloride, Vanilla Flavor, Food Color

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