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Whether used alone or with other gluten free flours, it can be used to create a variety of doughs to make noodles, pastries, and other foods which would normally require wheat flour. Our mungbean flour is the very best you can use, and we love using it to prepare Asian desserts.

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Mung Beans (also known in the US as Chickasaw peas/garbanzo beans), are a legume in the Fabaceae family that are primarily used in both sweet and savory dishes. What we’re also talking about today is Mung Bean Flour. They are made of, you guessed it, Mung Beans that are soaked overnight, then are grounded in what is called a “wet milling process”. The paste remains are then filtered out to remove any fibers. All the filtered liquid is dried out, and thus, makes Mung Bean Flour!

Think about your favorite glass noodles from Asia, or bean starch for dumplings and wrappers. You can also picture Mung bean flour in bread, or desserts. You might even have a recipe on hand that asks you to use Mung Bean Flour. We got your back! Ultimately, we’re here to show you the value of mung beans, recipes to make your own mung bean flour, and open the door for you to visualize eating them in your life!

There are so many benefits to Mung Beans, where can we even start?! First, you should know that they are jam packed with healthy nutrients, such as protein, fiber, folate B9, manganese, iron, zinc, and more! Keep in mind that nutrients vary between sprouted and regular mung beans. Second, they are high in antioxidants, and can help lower high blood pressure, due to peptides. Mung beans also help prevent against Type-2 Diabetes, which can help lower blood glucose. Overall, mung beans are easy to digest, due to their high fiber content. Mung beans are noted to be used in medicinal practices throughout history, especially in India, Thailand, China, and Southeast Asia.

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