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  • Say goodbye to constipation
  • No more diarrhea
  • Your best friend in the battle against bulge
  • Gives a boost to the digestive process
  • Your key to a healthy heart and controlled cholesterol levels
  • An easy way to keep diabetes at bay
  • A one stop remedy for anal fissures and piles
  • No more acidity

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The fibre present in isabgol is great to reduce your cholesterol levels and in turn protect your heart. What makes it so special is that it is high in fibre and low in fat – exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to keeping heart disease a bay. It works by forming a thin layer along your intestinal walls and prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the foods you eat – effectively reducing the serum cholesterol levels in your blood. This also helps eliminate any excessive cholesterol that could later end up blocking the arteries of  your heart – protecting you from heart disease and coronary artery disease.

Isabgol or psyllium husk is a commonly used Indian home remedy. So much so, that is used for treating constipation, diarrhea and the symptoms of anal fissures. Known as a common remedy for effective weight loss and clearing out the toxins from the stomach, isabgol has many more benefits for your health. Here are the top 8 benefits isabgol has on your health.

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