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Dabur Red Paste, in the net quantity of 100gms, comes with a rare mix of herbal ingredients, which includes Clove Oil, Pudina Satva, Tomar Beej, and Giner (Sunthi). These ingredients help fight dental plaque, gingivitis, foul mouth odour and tooth staining, thus providing complete oral hygiene. Regular use of this toothpaste makes teeth white and shiny, and also protects them from germs.

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Benefits of Dabur Red Paste

  • Clove Oil is useful in treating gingivitis and keeps germs at bay
  • Pudina Satva fights bad breath and keeps the mouth feeling fresh
  • Ginger and Pudina Satva prevent toothache
  • Tomar Beej helps in fighting dental diseases
  • A 100% natural and safe product with no side effects


It is advisable to squeeze a required amount of Dabur Red Paste on to a toothbrush and brush the teeth thoroughly. For optimal results, use the toothpaste twice everyday, on a regular basis.

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